Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Auto-Complete in Ephesoft

Adding a semicolon separated list of values to an individual index can improve over-all accuracy while decreasing the processing time required to complete an Ephesoft batch. The auto-completion of the index field happens during the Validation process. A simple example is a field where the possible responses are ‘Positive’, ‘Negative’ or ‘No Response’. The person processing the form can simply enter a character or two that match the characters associated with the entries in the list of values. Once the corresponding value appear as the first entry in the list the user will strike the Down Arrow Key to populate the index with the selected value. A tab will take the person to the next field so they can continue to process the form.

Setup for an Auto-complete Field
First collect the values that are valid for a particular field. Now open the Doc Type in which the index value resides. Under the header ‘Field Option Values List’ enter the list of values. A semicolon is used to separate the list of values. See screenshot #1.

Screenshot #1:

Now look for the header label ‘Field Type’. Select the value ‘Combo’. See Screenshot #2. Apply your changes and you can test the results.

Screenshot #2:

Interacting With an Auto-complete Field 

Open a batch file in the Validation module that matches the Doc Type where you added your list of values. Tab down to the field where you entered your list of values. Once there enter a character or two that match the first few characters for the value you want applied to this field. Once you see your value appear at the top of the list simple hit your Down Arrow Key and this value will be used to populate this field. The tab key will take you to the next field. This simple change that can greatly decrease the processing time associated with a Doc Type within the Ephesoft application.

NOTE: The characters your entry are NOT case sensitive; a match will result even if the case of the characters do not a match. 

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