Monday, October 22, 2018

Creating an Ephesoft Batch Class for Export into Alfresco

This knowledge base article will show you how to set up an Ephesoft batch class that will export a batch document to an Alfresco server from Ephesoft.

1. First off, install and configure a 5.2.1 Enterprise version of Alfresco. Also, install Ephesoft 4.5.0. These can run on the same Windows server but be sure that either Ephesoft or Alfresco uses alternative ports as both make use of Tomcat. Out of the box, both use port 8080 for web consoles. Change one of them to use port 8081 for example.

2. In the Alfresco repository using Share, create a toplevel folder (I called our folder, "SimpleExport").

3. As the ephesoft user, log into Ephesoft.

4. In the Batch Class Management section, select the MailroomAutomationTemplate and click Copy. We'll use this template and extend it just enough to allow for an Alfresco export.

5. Give the new batch class a name (I called mine, SimpleExport).

6. Open the new batch class by double-clicking on it inside the list.

7. We'll need to add a new document type. In the left-hand corner, click on Document Type and click Add (and choose Add Locally). Simply adding it should be enough. For this example, we won't need index fields.

8. You can call it SimpleExportableDocument and use Simple Exportable Document Type as the description. Click Apply and Deploy.

9. Expand Modules > Page Process > RECOSTAR_HOCR and set Recostar_Deskew_Switch and Recostar_Font_Switch to On.

10. Expand Modules > Export > CREATEMULTIPAGE_FILES and set Multipage File Export Process to ITEXT-SEARCHABLE and Searchable Output PDF to True

11. Go to CMIS section of Export and fill in according to the screenshot. Afterwards, click on Apply and Deploy.

12. Go to Upload Batch and select Select Files at the bottom.

13. Select the uploaded batch, ensure the correct batch class is selected and click on Start Batch.

14. Go to Batch Instance Management.

15. Go to Review/Validate.

16. Click Review button.

17. Click Ok to confirm.

18. Wait for export to complete.

19. Check Alfresco to make sure this worked.

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